okay so i have been such a stranger to my blog life lately...general life as well ,seems like work has done nothing but consume me lately.. I am now the manager of my store basically by default but hey i'll take that anyday...Baby rayne is back in daycare at her very 1st day care which this is great and dependable which lord knows this is what we need!! My baby sister is in Africa on a mission trip , i miss her so much , its been almost a week since I have seen her and I have to wait til the 10th to see her!! i really cant wait.. she will probly want to rest but not before she see's us...I managed to thus far nail the 4th of july weekend off but i am not getting my hopes up one single bit just yet...I was hoping we would go to my in laws place but it did not seem to workn out..needed some backwoods driving & relaxin... i feel like my head is spinin and i am going 90 to nothing all the time.. my house looks like a hurricane hit it.. not tohor ogettmention i need to get our hurricane kit ready the season is upon us... anyway not much happening these days work,work and um work...

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