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believes social networking sites are 95 % of lifes problems. & most things would not be the way they are today if facebook wasnt so stinking important.. I miss the simple life..



I never dreamed our lives would come to this. Never thought it would turn out this way. We were better than this. Never
Asked for trouble only wanted love.only wanted happy endings.. instead we stand here seperate worlds a family torn apart by broken promises..broken dreams.. I'm sorrys.. and goodbyes.. I pray one day God will fix it all..


Just in time I´m so glad you have a one track mind like me..You gave my life direction A game show love connection we can’t deny...

Just in time I´m so glad you have a one track mind like me..You gave my life direction
A game show love connection we can’t deny...I´m so obsessed my heart is bound to beat right...

My gosh! it has been some time since I blogged last year in fact.. Life has come along way and plenty of things have changed...The week before I posted Last D lost his job he had for 5 years .. that was september... and now it's late January and although we are blessed in so many ways. we have not been blessed with him a new job.. Life has been stressful, trying, and really put a strain on us lately..But i think what we have learned from this is always save for a rainy day.. never count your blessings before they are in front of you.. and never get behind..bills come first!!

Anyway each day is an adventure , we are on a journey on God's bus ride of life.. we live at his mercy & trust this plan..

here are some new pictures of us I wanted to share.. Happy 2010!


rip baby j..

Since my last post... tragedy struck our family..and i have to admit my faith has now been shaken..

My 23 year old cousin left this world on Thursday September 17th on the wings of an angel, and knocked on Heaven's door ,and successfully entered the other side ,to the point of no earthly return.. No rhyme or reason that can justify why he was needed in Heaven or why such a young life should of went away, hard to believe it's God's will but as God is my father and he to sacrificed his only son's life for me, I must find it in my heart to trust his plan..Days are hard and completely bittersweet, many tears have fallen and grief and devastation is all that seems to make since, Hard to find joy through all this pain..


What don't kill us......

only makes us stronger.... so they say...... Gosh what a week it has been.. honestly my faith has not been shaken in any sense.. I trust that God has a plan in this and no matter what we some how will make it.... I wont lie.... I am scared.... I can cry at the drop of a hat... But I wont question why this has happened to us one bit... what it has taught me .... never be greedy... save for a rainy day.... what to do: trust God.... pray like i've never prayed.... And try to not be depressed.....

what i ask....
Please pray for us


it's been a while.....

Ashy Partyin like a rockstar at ny Dad's 60th party back in June....
so plum crazy life has been... busy as a bee i have stayed..transferred stores and boy has that been a huge challenge ,more work and anxiety than i think i have felt in my whole entire life. I have a few new employees there which has also been a challenge , I seem to typically stay on my phone more than before which I hate chatting on the phone..most people who know me know I am a texter!! Had jury duty last week ,but of coarse did not get picked my opinion on the state of Texas and dwi's you know way to strong for the states side , the other side though would of loved to have me I am sure..in any case ..I really have faced a few challenges with life lately and have decided the people who bring the drama will no longer be a part of my life, the victims in life the ones that the when the truth is spoken gets defensive.. they will go..I will not tolerate or be threatened by these people anymore. I am so over aggressive, inmature souls..It's kind of like this when the truth hurts maybe you should reevaluate you not call me wrong. anyway my neice turned 8 yesterday and I am so excited about going to her party saturday and maybe getting to hang out with my sister for a bit haven' t really seen her since she came home from Africa , It's a bowling party so much fun I am really really excited..