A day off & lil on the updates!!

So today is my only day off so far that no one has attempted to call me into work. which I have to say it was a bit nice to get to go back to sleep and sleep in and get up when i wanted to and so on! lol! The little things that matter most to me definitely include sleep lots of it! anyway did some cleaning and decided to stop for a moment to take a shower,check the mail and then once again I was greatly reminded of why I live in residential hell! anyway I know I should remain grateful to have a residence but sometimes wish I was able to just have my house completely uplifted and dropped in a non residential area! Anyway off my soap box! So I have consumed a 1/2 of container of my new favorite snack Philly cream cheese garden vegetable swiped on a Ritz cracker it is such a tasty addictive snack in my book! Updates lets see I am enjoying my new cell phone completely and I continue to thanks D for the niceness and forgiveness he has for my irresponsible past when it comes to cell phones!! Baby Raynes face is cleared nicely and what we thought was an allergic reaction may of resulted from the way she picks flowers you see she bends down and allows her face to get dangerously close to other plants in the uncleared area next to our home so i believe she had a small bit of poison ivy/oak whatever it spread a bit but with the continued does of benedryl and cortizone ointment she seems to be healed! I am still working it is okay but definitely miss my time at home. My car has been in the shop for a week and 2 days so far and life is getting harder with having a job and getting back and fourth without it! But I know my problems are minuet compared to others and I should be thankful for the healthy blessings I have! And speaking of which did you hear that Baby Stellan flew home today!!! God is Good! I continue to pray for the McK family and baby Stellan and what the road ahead will be filled with much sunshine! But also learned of another sick precious angel click my sidebar to baby Kayleigh and read her story and please pray for these families as I could never imagine how hard this is.But in any case there is a mountain of clothes calling my name that must be folded and hung and put away before I can even think of what ever else it is i must do.. I was having blog-drawls so had to come read all the ones I follow and update mine! away we go!!!

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