What a week!

well I think its only wednesday.. and its been a rough week already!! MY car is in the shop with a burnt valve whatever that means I really have no clue but it seems to be taking for freaking ever and my darling diva baby rayne has a rash of some sort all over her darling face , allergic reaction to lotion I am pretty sure but it doesn't look so good! I am seeing 1/2 way at this point lost my contact and none to spare which makes life more than frustrating never knew how I got cursed with the blindness.I worked Monday night at my new job and I feel like I ran 10 miles no kidding! My legs are so sore! Maybe ill be in shape by summer just by working. How effortless well how great a two for one that would be great. Anyway other than that the only grand thing I have to rave about is this scentsy warmer I purchased from my friends scentsy show is fabulous! my favy scent so far is Skinny dippin. We are burning sweet pea and vanilla right now but I still think I like skinny dippin much better! I traded to be off today and work tomorrow so i picked up the house all day which I still need to clean it but picking up took most of the day so maybe tomorrow! but in any case say a prayer for baby Rayne's poor little face and that the rayne lets up off us already this week . Also pray for baby stellan and that the surgery turned out to be helpful and he will be home very soon please!

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