Today = Productive!

Today started slow but ended up to be quite productive! The house is coming back into order much easier than I expected which I truly love! The downstairs is picked up and somewhat clean, I do need to still deep clean which I will be doing this week. We have seemed to lose a lawn mower piece so it ended up turning into a major clean on the garage which thanks to d and our neighbors for moving the massive trillion pound pool table over I can now park in my garage which makes me extremely happy!! Thanks Hunny! I really need to get the upstairs under control and organized which I have to say I am not to far from that I see that being complete in a day or so , I am very proud of that!! So for now my goal plan for this week will include, the upstairs, deep cleaning entire house so that starting next monday I will be on a daily cleaning plan , cleaning and organizing my stamp/craft closet , organizing kitchen cabinets so that is to start the week so if i get all that finished I plan to move on to something else!! lol! we will see. Planning decoupage for next sunday being as if I am already in that mind set on my crafty ness!! But I absolutely must finish new moon this week!! by the way twilight was awesome!!! Anyway off to give baby rayne a bath and work a little upstairs before bed!!


  1. Your blogspot is SOOOOOO beatiful!

  2. thanks some guy made it for me.. lol.. love you hun!