living life right out of a magazine

That is the way I want my house to look. I go to others peoples houses and you can never even hardly tell that children live there, and then I come home and it looks like a toy store exploded in my living room.. err.. we hardly have much decor and nothing really has a theme besides our star accents and my wall crosses. so while i have been doing these letters for the baby shower we are going to tomorrow I have visited Hobby lobby several times and why I never noticed there wide array of home accents and they run things on sale constantly ,so i think that I want to start watching the sale adds and when they put things I would like to have on sale or when I have a little extra go use the coupons and add some magazine effects in my home. I was window shopping on etsy as I always just look have not ever bought yet, but they have these amazing rub ons for your walls that I really really love them. I really would love to have someone take our family the whole family photos so i can mask my living room walls with some great black and white photos..A large rug for our living room and dining room is a must as we recently converted to stain concrete it's so much better than carpet, not the wood I have always dreamed of but it works for the animals and kids for sure! I think we have both agreed on the direction we are going with our living room furniture we like the dark leather with the nail head accents,kind of the rustic western look i guess is the best way to describe it.. I guess what I am getting at is I want it all to be clean and organized free of the day care appeal. warm & inviting!! kind of like it just fell out of a magazine!! My children and I have been talking about their rooms quite a bit and I think we are in between pink and black eiffel tower paris them and a birdy bright gardeny theme in baby raynes room and the other girls i am still working on that.
I know I absolutely want these for the kids to sit on maybe in a print to match my living room so they can watch cartoons and play video games on these rather than the floor or wallering all over my sofas! They are super cute and I totally would rather these than a plastic sticky bean bag that all those lil dots get everywhere plus I totally support handmade!These are ava through the etsy listing Branch and Birdie in case you were wondering!!

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  1. I might need to order Blain one of those. I'll check it out!