Lately I have been really been seeing things a lot differently that I have ever before, maybe it's because I am getting older or is that I am finally tired of making mistakes. I am not sure exactly but I do believe people are put in and out of your life for a reason, whether it be you learn something from them or they learn something from you, teach you a lesson etc. It's all meant to be some how. Maybe in times it's God's way of testing you or planting a seed I really don't know I do know it's at times hard to understand and hard not to question what is in store for you. All I know is my life is Good and I have a ton to be thankful for and things that I once took for granted or in a way disrespected all matter so much more now. I love my family and I thank God for my life. Peoples shallow views and words no longer affect me and I seem to be telling them just what I think with no fear of hurting their feelings, it just all makes since so it's easy to just respond. I find myself taking my own advice a bit more than I used to and not letting peoples stupidity get to me so much. I dislike when people make selfish comments and find myself not so blinded when I come across that I really see it.I find that I have been a part of a group of people who are negative and I keep thinking to myself it's time to let them go . I even have considered once that I do I will change my phone number so I no longer have to deal with them. I find myself linked to a family full or lies, secrets and shame. People who are selfish and continue to harborer an abuser and seem to hate the abused rather than the abuser..I find great shame in that and feel that pretending or faking a smile to keep peace is no longer acceptable for me. Don't treat me like I am an outcast when I was only telling the truth.. I no longer find it okay to make excuses for how other people are and act. A mistake is defined as follows An error or fault resulting from defective judgment, deficient knowledge, or carelessness.or A misconception or misunderstanding. Everyone makes mistakes and there is a judgment day set aside in the end for that , I can no longer live my life judging others for the decisions that they make or have made . I choose to turn that over to the Lord as I am not perfect and have made plenty of my own ,but there is a song that is by one of my favorite bands cross canadian ragweed that is called sick and tired and a verse in the song goes
Well, memories, they're over-rated:
All they do is get you down an' frustrated,
And who needs that on their back?
Starting over, cold turkey,
Washin' your soul of everything that's dirty.
Seal your heart of every crack.
and the part meaning most to me is washin' your soul of everything that's dirty because that is what I chose to do with my life..

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