Spring is here....

I am so excited spring is my favorite time of year and I do believe it has arrived.. or at least I hope so we have had way way way to much cold weather in Texas this year.. heck we even had a grand amount of snow back in December which we never see... Anyway so my dh is off for 2 days so he could spend them home while his dd was off school for spring break, so it really makes a long weekend for him which he sure likes those more time to play his call of duty game which he was recentlu promoted to 2nd LT on which is crazy cool.. but by my surprise he get's up and get's dressed and says come on.. so me and the gang load up and head to home depot .. so we ended up with a complicated but straight gas weed eater .. which is kind of cool because you can buy attachments to change out and so on.. and some flowers to plant and a few veggies .. have to admit it screams spring and our yard does look nice, i completely have to admit I would of so loved to have an ipod instead but.. okay i'll be nice...but there was a photo shoot in disguise during all this!! I totally live by the thought that my camera can't be to far from me because when your out living life you can capture your memories.so here is one of the photos I shot!! Have to admit I am so jealous of the photos my 2 darling sister's took of my nieces and nephews today with the bluebonnets and this by no means compares but it's still stinkin winkin cute!!! Anyway I am so happy it's spring!! Means summer is just around the corner!! pRaying for a quiet hurricane season this year!!

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  1. ahhh! ahy is soooo cute in these pics.
    especially the one that says bby rayne and
    she has her fist at the camera. (: i love your blog!