For the Love of Books!!!

When Ashland was a baby, I read to her all the time but as she has grown up she has become very independent and has not wanted me to do to much for her at all including reading, a few weeks ago she starting showing interest in reading and me reading to her again, so of coarse you know I jumped right on it!! So we have made a vow to visit a local library once a week at least and choose our bedtime stories for the week. These are the book choices we have chosen for this wee
1. Princesses are Pretty (one of our own books)
2.The 3 Cabritos by Eric Kimmel

3.Easter Parade by Mary Chalmers

4.Miss Suzy by Miriam Young
5.Clifford the Big Red Dog

I hope she will continue to be interested in reading for a long time and I will certainly encourage it a
ll that I can!

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