I miss her.... 8(

In my life I have lost many people and been through quite a lot. I was blessed to be the granddaughter of an amazing wonderful woman .. She went to be with our Lord what will be 2 years on March 9th and it has been the hardest thing by far that I think I have ever had to deal with. For about the 1st year after she was gone I pretty much walked around in a complete daze, nothing really ever seemed to be okay, colors were not as pretty as they once were.. just basically a black and white dreary daze. I was heartbroken and completely taken by this and could never come to understand why the Lord had taken her from me.. One day it just hit me probably a few months after the 1st year had past that she would not want me to be so sad. I could her her saying things in a way , her words would run through my head..I had to let go of why .. why she had been taken because questioning why is not important although human nature , someone said God has a plan for us and we may not understand but we have to trust him. so I tried to understand that and go from there.. It's very bittersweet and days are very hard.. we went back to their home where my PawPaw still resides just before the 1st year to lay my uncle to rest and it was very hard being in her home with out her being there , everything reminds you of her , you go around a corner expecting to here her say come see or hey bay-be.. just hard.. it's very hard. I don't even know how to deal with it still , I have good days and bad days , I do cry daily for her and wish so much to see her face just one more time.. I know I can't be that selfish and wish for that but I guess I am.. She was Amazing and more than anyone could ask for ! She was so sweet and so crafty. I am still as sad as I was the 1st day she was gone and it's hard. I think the day the Lord takes me will be a fine day and I think that will be the day I get to see her again and that will be so good. I miss her I love her and I just wish it was not so hard . I hope she rest knowing that we love her and miss her so much! I love you Billie E. Moseley , RIP.. I miss you!

in the above pictures this is my Maw Maw & Paw Paw he love her so much! And the tattoo I got to honor her and help with my grieving process.

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