As most of you may know I am completely addicted to caffeine and I drink a ton of dr peppers everyday. I get lectured all the time about how bad they are for me and so on. If I do not drink caffeine , I get the very worst headache, my hands shake and I get sick like nauseously ill. I am not one to believe in addictions and have always been one for mind over matter type thing, but lately I have noticed that my anxiety is worse than usual and this can also be caused/triggered by caffeine. I am not going to cold turkey it by any means because I do get extremely irritable when I with drawl from it but I am going to wholly admit I do have a problem and intend to fix it . I am going to start by lessening my intake of caffeine and go from there. So from now on. I am going to drink my morning one one and do my best to limit them. when I go to a drive through or restaurant then I am going to try to order sprite or something that contains no caffeine at all , and I am going to try to drink much more water. Tea even contains caffeine so I am going to try to stay away from that as well. So here we go.. I'll try to update now and again on my process .. maybe a little note in each blog how i did today or something to that effect!

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