what gives.....

So been along time not posting ... had a ton going on , new job keeping me busy ,tired after working long hours and being a mom & all that stuff that seems to keep me on my toes.. I finally have my own computer again and secured internet access again so maybe I will be posting a bit more.. I have a few things I'd like to ask you to stop and say a small prayer for now..

1. The FREEMAN family as they will be laying Kayleigh to rest tomorrow, say a prayer and wear pink in her honor please, this has to be so hard and I as a human find it hard to fathom but as a child of God shall let her rest in peace.. and i just ask God to wrap his hands around her mommy & Daddy and siblings as they lay her to rest and find there ways to there new residence..

2. I want to ask a prayer for the man that was involved in the accident earlier this evening in my town and all the people involved .

3.That something good will come from the negative in my life this week.

well I have to rest now 12 hours of work has wore me down and busy day tomorow..

all i can say is .......... Good night

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