Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

looking a little ruff .. but please over look me as I am one exhausted hot mess but check out this fabulous apron my m.i.l made me for my birthday.. isn't it sassy!!! happy bday to me!! 2 weeks away....oh and baby rayne trying to get it on the mix!!
Baby Rayne being blown by the and and short bit of rain we received today
aren't they fabulous?!!
i think so....
been a very long week in my life.. Has not turned out 1/2 the way I expected but whatever really does... right.. Worked Mon-Fri this week with no breaks in between completely exhausted.. Guess I some how thought doing this would be rewarding on my part in which it will and has been in many ways.. Just wished for a sleep late saturday and so much for that its 9:31 am and I have been up for 2 entire hours with a skitzo dog who would not lay down and a headache...We are out of town since I am off ..really have some things I'd love to get out and do today but pretty sure that is not happening..Yesterday was My sister's bday...we are both 29 for 2 weeks ..irish twins.. very nice and good on your parents budget to have 2 small daughters within an 11 month period.. share ..share share...anyway well 2 weeks I'll be the big 3-0..wtf where did the years go......There are some beautiful blue Hydrangias blooming like crazy on the side of the in laws house so I will get off the couch eat some breakfast a breakfast pizza to be exact and post some pics in a bit.. They are spectacular ....happy memorial day weekend...

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  1. What great pictures.. I love the apron.. I might need her to make me one!! Your Irish Twin!