What defines you......

Lately I have been so touched by many other blogs , where in turn I have learned much, prayed for many and learned that there are a load of children who are suffering in this world , and all though I should know this is out there because my Mom takes care of a sick child as a pediatric home health nurse and also has worked in a neo natel icu unit years ago in my life.. How I totally missed this and how it just really as I shamefully admit that I had no clue how many precious lives are truly affected by terrible diease and illness, but yet not only do the children not defined by the illness they carry ,nor do the parents they do not allow this to define who they are and where they come from. I can totally imagine how hard it must be and am not saying its easy at all , but all i am saying is it doesn't seem to be defining who they are and how they think which truly is amazing to me.

I mean really have you ever set down and thought about if someone asked you who you were and what you were about ,in a since the definiation of you and your life?

I mean are you definied by the car you drive, the place you live, the color of your hair, the set of articifical nails on your finger tips, the books you read, the shoes on your feet, the scar on your hip, the color of your eyes, the laughs you have laughed, the tears you have cried, the abuse you have given or taken in your life, the children you have, the music you listen to , the drink you order at sonic..

I do believe that all these things help create your image , but they are truly not all who you are and what your all about , definitly come in to play of the judgement you are given or give to others .
I don't know really where this post is going it's just amazing to be how people live through and battle through many difficult situations and yet still are not defined by these things ..

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