Momma Rayne's Morning Rayne!


Awesome of a summer deal! I love their Bermuda shorts they are a fabulous fit and I don't have the annoying plumbers crack happening in these!!! lol

They have the cutest plaid ones and a new one called slouchy bermuda which these fit so well but I knew D would have a complete heart attack if I bought a pair of shorts with holes in them! LOL that is so not what frugal is about!! so i got navy and plaid ! wish I could of afforded more while this deal was happening but hey beggers can't be choosy right!! By the way Thanks D!!

Anyway on To D!! Did you see my blog!! Oh wow it has 3 columns now!!I have to say I spent countless hours trying to figure this out and it never worked but in a sweet jiffy he fixed it right up for me!! yay!!! I am so happy and proud!! of him and my blog!! '

D has been super sweet this week, my darling damn dog lol chewed my mouse up while i was using it he was perched under my feet and I go to move my mouse no worky, so i get down and its chewed ugh!! Scream!! Anyway so I had been using one of his.. I broke it somehow it wont click now.. by the way sorry D! Anyway but yesterday he brought me a brand spankin new one!! :)!how did i get so lucky? He even bought me twilight!Anyway but in any case I am working on a baby shower gift hopefully finishing today ! So off to Hobby Lobby I went to get the rest of the things I needed and my car decided to act up so knowing what happened last time I had to turn around and come back home so I worked on what I could which it's going so-so on the gift,hopefully when d get's home I can run tan and get the rest of the supplies so I can finish up if I get done I will post pictures!

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