Momma Rayne makes goals for the week!!!

This weeks goals:

1. Around the house: Clean my house completely until yes it would make you gag saying wow your house is spot less!!

2.Move Baby Rayne back to her original dwelling.as this is best as explained in a previous post :)!

3.Encourage water drinking with Baby Rayne and set a good example for her by drinking more water less dr pepper for me.

4.Encourage less TV time with Baby Rayne and encourage her to have active play and other activities as she is becoming a bit of a couch potatoe!!

5.Purchase new childrens cutlery,plates and cups and make all meal times a kitchen table must as we most certainly need to prepare for our future furniture purchase.

6.Obtain some sort of safe sleeping device for my daily diaper wearer as she needs to lay down for a nap and stay there!!(meaning the child I sit for)

7.Paint my cross wall.

1 comment:

  1. good goal list.. let me know how if works for you! They have really cute childrens plates and stuff at Target.. sometimes even in the dollar bins! Maybe you need to start cleaning certain things on certain days.. to break it up alittle... small goals inside bigger ones!