Frugal...wait.. what??

So I can't exactly recall when this word was thrown at me but I do recall how he said it.. "Frugal" yights .. um what?? is what I reacted with I am highly sure of that..My other half says to me we have to start being more frugal .. I have to say this loud and proud I am so not frugal by any means except my occasional store brand buy that is about as good as it gets with me.. But I can say I am doing a bit better when it comes to it all . We are turning lights off and changing the bulbs into the new energy effective ones. I have been turning the giant screen tv that entertains my children off not only when they are not watching it but at night as well, which apparently it must be working some how as I got a high 5 on the electric bill this month , we saved about $15 which in my book is a grand slam of a start.. I am no longer giving in to the ice cold dr peppers at the check out stand at walmart instead we did quarters or random change from the mess I call a purse and hitting the machine on the way out the door. which save an average of $4 off the top of the walmart trip..Instead of giving in to the convenience off pizza delivery, I instead found contents of the pantry and only went out for a few items to go with it which saved a ton of money.. I think that life has gotten away from the frugal way and given in to the convenience off the things that make life easy. So I am doing better , we as a family still are working on the bigger picture of how to manage it all but we are getting there!

So what sundays super tips:

seasonal cleaning of the pantry : at each season end basically unload your pantry check expiration dates of all contents,including spices many spices do expire. make meals out of the items you can on hand and make a list of other items you will need to go with the random items to make a complete meal ,trash all expired items.. kind of basically start fresh on the next season with a clean slate of a pantry...

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