Today and recap on the weekend!

The weekend went pretty well quite busy to say the least! I can't recall much of friday night but I am pretty sure we did nothing. Saturday morning bright and early D was off to Middle sisters volley ball game which when I asked her how it went she said "we won" and paused and said "again"! Good for her I am glad to see her in activity as this is very important to me. Baby Rayne tagged along with them. I had to get up and get ready not long after headed out a bit early thank goodness because it took forever to get out of town due to some sort of ball parade. I stopped and Hobby Lobby and got a few things for sunday and met up with a friend and rode to my my other friends daughters 3rd birthday bash ,which was a nice ride good to catch up once we arrived the party was great over the top and fabulous ! Love all the thought and decor that went into it! great job!! I forgot my camera yes i did.. so unlike me so did not get any pics but it was nice. came home and d had bbq'd ribs and such very nice dinner, I was so tired!!Cleaned a bit and we tried to fix my cell but after much hope we have decided its trash! so lesson learned and from now on top shelf for the cells only! hope to be ordering a new one tonight so I can have my life line back as I am very lost! lol! Sunday was stamp club which we were 2 members shy but turned out okay we decopauged picture frames which I think everyone enjoyed or at least I hope! Watched the AMC's and went to bed. Up early for the Daily Diaper wearer which this week is her last week with us, next week I start training for a new job!! yay!! D was home sick today so we have just been around watching tv and not to much!just a lazy day around the hacienda!! Hopes to make it out in a bit to tan and to the bank! but that is all pending!! so anyway thats all today..

Please pray for Stellan .

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