Long day to say the least!! Had quite a pissy morning right off the bat, was the devil doing his handy work in my opinion,trying to make me have a bad bad day.. Had to go downtown this morning and Lord knows my driving skills stink in traffic ,just frazzles my nerves beyond belief and there was quite a storm brewing when I was getting ready to go, at first the weather was quite bad but after some driving the sun came out and the drive wasn't so bad! I actually used my GPS on my instinct today for the 1st time as once I had arrived on the street I was supposed to be on It looked like gibberish so i pulled over and typed the address in and waaa-laaa 5 minutes later I was there!! nice!! Turned out well and I am completely pleased with the opportunity that has been put before me . I hope that as a family we can work together and make this work I think in the end it will be great! will post more later on this. Anyway so I did something today that in fact I amazed myself , I am one for kind of not being good at saying I am done , I tend to just hide from it or runaway but I faced it head on and it seemed to not be so bad so that's good. The daily diaper wearer had shots today so she was way winey and that made for a long day! I am almost finished with the upstairs cleaning ,moving and organizing , should well have to finish it in the morning because the weekend is pretty packed so don't see any other time! D stayed home today he mowed, and finished the dog pen, and BBQ chicken ,even changed my brake lights! (very nice) thanks hun! Baby Rayne has been on a roll with her hilarious remarks , D asked me why i was being so mean and she replies to him by saying Daddy don't you know that's what mamma's are mean.. lol. we both nearly fell out! She has really been saying some funny stuff. I can't quite get over how big she is getting but I guess I have to ,as many times as I have asked for time to stand still it has never happens so I guess I am screwed on that one! Tomorrow I have alot to do and having company sometime so have to get up and get busy to get everything done. Saturday bday party and Sunday stamp club so have to get all prepared for that stuff!! really long for a relaxing weekend but I guess that will have to wait a week at least! lol! So basically nothing to to exciting happening here in the thunder stormy state of TX! Building character one day at a time I tell ya!!

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