wow .. when the week started I totally thought by thursday night I'd be kid free ... and have a weekend to myself besides watching my usual on Friday and my nephew on saturday.. but that changed rapidly no one left me here alone and I ended up having all three of our kids plus 2 more as of right now.. So not a kid free quite weekend alone at all which I think I totally could of just slept all weekend long and been greatly refreshed before my normal arrived on Monday a.m.! But as that has not happened I have to admit I am so exhausted .. I have done lots of loads of laundry, cleaned a bit, but it mainly consisted of children.. I did get to tan around lunch time which made me extremely happy but still 24 hours after Twilight hit the shelves I still have yet to see it.. ugh!! I did manage to get two baths in as well which is amazing more than i get on a regular basis!! which i must add I love my new hydralicious shampoo from herbal essences.. it smells wonderful!!! I got the purple ones!!! The 2 eldest decided they wanted to sleep out in the back yard tonight, which after the last adventure with this I was strongly against the idea .. But its 12:12 am and apparently our neighbors are having a get together and they came in saying they would not shut up.. lol.. they did try.. and my nephew has finally closed his eyes and is off to dream land.. The two toddler divas are in there dress up gear watching tv on Ash's dora couch which they look like they are not far behind the boy.. dreery eyed!! My darling puppy is so short but he has figured out how to get in Ashland's princess chair so he's fast asleep there and I think after an extended day I am finally on e.. and must ly down. But in any case .. just thought I'd blog before bed.. good night!!!

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