piles.& piles...

I am really tired i have not gotten very much accomplished .. did get a huge mountain of clothes folded although they are not put away and there still remains a mess on the other side of my bedroom door.I find a large challenge in the laundry department of my life, no organization and that is something I used to be so good at although it seems it has gone away. I am trying to get back into the swing of things . I think I want one of these handy hampers to help separate the laundry and wash according to the correct laundry pattern rather than the way i totally tend to do things..Hopefully this will enter our home soon so that my journey may begin the laundry baskets are not working they just don't work and take up way to much space...
My darling little diva always tell me is save money.. live better she hears it on the walmart commercial and I always think boy she is a smart one.. it cracks me up each time she says it..
but i have been thinking i want to adopt the motto work smarter not harder....I spend most hours of my day chasing ,wiping and cleaning up miles of messes which is not my calling in life at all. I often wonder why i decided i should stay home and be a housewife or whatever you call what i am. but if its what i am going to do i just need to do it right and smart. Step one being organization and trying to convince every one else in my life to follow my lead.. maybe develop the you cook i clean method or something like that... I am so excited for the fall I really want to put Ashland into a preschool pre-k program at a local church to get her ready for kindergarden I think this will not only help her but me in the long run..I am not 100 % on how things should play out but i do know my goal is to get organized and stay organized I am over the chaos involved in cleaning.. My youngest dd is a strower which means she is a messy messy girl and refuses to clean her messes .. as for example right now she is on the couch refusing to clean a mess she made in the doorway of the kitchen.. so I guess this is how you know you have a spoiled child you tell her to clean it and she says no .. so you tell her fine I'll throw it away then. she just told me thats ok they have more at wal-mart.. ugh.. to smart to be a 4 year old... anyway I am going to really stop trying to be the friend to her because I do forsee this being an issue when she is 13 so i better take the bull by the horns now.. last year or so I switched her out of the larger of the 2 rooms into the smaller because she never sleeps in there but all it has caused is massive clutter in the smaller room so i think because "Size does matter" than the smartest thing I should do since post it notes is move her back.. and make her sleep in there.. this will make life better and create boundries.. she will need them because when we get new furniture then there is no more sleeping on the couch.. so that is game plan for thursday & friday here.. going to try to talk my dh into allowing me to paint the rooms so it will make all of them happy! Also maybe giving our 2 dd's my pc and me getting a laptop!! yeah you see maybe not but it's an amazing idea.. that way they will find fun in there new/old room!!! Well anyway someone asked me today what are you doing for spring break.. lol whats that.. i have to basically work everyday .. I don't get a vacation plus that is just not something we do alot take trips..but it got me thinking.. If it was and I was ..what would I do...so my pretend spring break vacation!!! It would have to be hawwt and sunny!! of coarse can't seem to want to go skiing in spring so..I think we'd go to Destin and spend some days on a white sandy peach.. lol sounds nice.. anyway.. well one thing that excites me is we get a Kid free night next week! Yay!!! I requested after a long week of aggervation with a comment my mom made about how she wouldn't take my daughter with her on there out of town spring break activities because i quote she says "it would not be a vacation if we took her" okay nice but Um what...I asked my mil if she wouldn't mind my dd spending the night with her on st patty's day so we could go out and have some fun!! so she kindly accepted , she is a sweety! so not sure what the plans are but we shall do something green!!! in any case i hear my child telling my adorable puppy he needs a new hairstyle so i better go check into that..

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