enough is enough

Have you ever just had enough? I mean enough of everything? I feel like lately I am having enough of everything and everybody. It's very hard to co-exist in a society of people who have so many different views and different ways of thinking. I try to be a pretty fair person and I have never in my life have ever felt so walked over in my entire life as I have lately. I thought once I had friends but in theory the people in my life that I thought fit that mold for the most part are really not friends or at least not what I think friends should be.?! People who only come around when they need a sitter or a cheap way to put it is " a play date" for my child? Um no apparently that means they just want you to watch their children and not pay you.. (um NO) ..Or people who only want to be in your life to benefit themselves in some way. Frankly maybe I am not a good friend either but I really don't even initiate activity with others for any of the above reasons. My child is my responsibility and no one else is responsible for watching her and generally if someone is asked which is not often then they are compensated in some form or fashion. I mean I do not mind one bit watching my nieces or nephews and my sister is more than generous to me when I do or we trade things . I just am completely taken back by the audacity of people to treat others this way. It is not only the sitting part but the things people say they will do and don't do it is another thing. I am guilty myself but I guess being done this way by others surely opens your eyes to the way you want to treat people as well . It's just as simple as do others as you want them to do you .. very simple. I guess yesterday I had really had enough, but today enough is enough and I am sure I am going to put the "shocker" on some but I am not doing it anymore... wow soap box I'd say!

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